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But he was cured overnight with simple pills of dopamine. He hoped by telling his story someone else could find the answer he'd waited a lifetime for.

Black And White Nike Uptempo

Black And White Nike Uptempo

BLACK DIAMOND, Wash. When I first reported on a Redmond man who experienced a medical miracle, my hope was that someone somewhere would see what had happened to Ed Impala, and that it might help them, too.

Leslie Frazier feared the kids would have to go on with out her.

"I was honestly thinking that I was going to die and I wasn't going to be here for the girls," she said.

"I took a dose at 3 in the afternoon, 10 at night, and one Nike Air More Uptempo Shop

Over the last decade, Frazier's balance problems led to a cane, then a wheelchair and debilitating pain and fatigue.

It's called Dopa Responsive Dystonia. It keeps your body from developing dopamine, which helps the brain communicate with the muscles in the body. Impala wasn't able to work, drive, or feed himself.

when I got up in the morning, and I thought, 'Good grief, I feel really good! Dang, feel like walking!'" she said.

Black And White Nike Uptempo

Black And White Nike Uptempo

"Heather's been my caretaker for a long time," Leslie Frazier said. "She's only 20 years old, and that's been her primary occupation for five years. It's been tough. I've just wanted her to be able to get on with her own life."

Black And White Nike Uptempo

Now Leslie Frazier is undergoing physical therapy to regain the strength lost after years in a wheelchair, and she's back at work as a speech therapist.

"When she got sick, she could no longer do that, and it was hard having to take care of myself," she said.

"I'd get up every morning Nike Air Max Uptempo Black

Her daughters became her tag team of caregivers.

and could shower and dress. But by mid morning, I could hardly function. By afternoon, I couldn't stand. Every day," Frazier said.

The Frazier family had almost given up hope of finding an answer, but they received a lot of support from their church family.

For Leslie Frazier and her family, walking their dog, Callie, through their Black Diamond neighborhood is a big deal. That's because just four months ago the 42 year old mother of three wasn't walking anywhere.

'A miracle is the only way I know how to put it'

"The first few years I kind of took the role of mom," said Heather Frazier, the oldest.

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"Within three days, I had no limp. The energy was back. I felt like a human being again," she said. "I hadn't felt like this in years!"

And that's exactly what happened. Now, a second family is living a new life, thanks to a simple pill and a mystery solved.

"I didn't know how long we could Nike Air More Uptempo Bulls

Leslie Frazier's husband, Todd, says she was going downhill so quickly with her abilities to do anything.

continue before I'd have to visit her in a nursing home," he said.

Over the last 12 years she has seen more than 30 doctors, including specialists at the Cleveland Clinic. No one could make a diagnosis.

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"We just had to keep the faith, that was all we could do," Leslie Frazier said. "We had to keep believing that miracles could come."

Sixteen year old Holly Frazier says her mom would read her stories, and hold her and kiss her boo boos.

Leslie Frazier went in for her physical and her doctor said it was a slim chance it would help, but there would be no harm in trying the dopamine pills.

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"I looked up the disorder he'd been diagnosed with. And a couple of the hallmarks were so right on I couldn't believe it," she said.

Black And White Nike Uptempo

"I kept falling," she said. "I had a few episodes when I was 16, but as I got older, it got worse. By the time I was pregnant with my third daughter, Hannah, I fell down the stairs three times. The doctor said it was bad foot wear."

Black And White Nike Uptempo

One doctor even suggested there must be buried childhood trauma that was causing the neurological symptoms.

"It's very frustrating to hear over and over, 'I can't find anything wrong with your wife,' to the point of one saying, 'Why don't you just take her to a psychiatrist?' "Todd Frazier said.

Then Black And White Nike Uptempo one night, Leslie Frazier saw a promotion for a KOMO News story on Impala, whose symptoms sounded like hers. have it.

Black And White Nike Uptempo

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