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The undercover agent says, "Their ultimate goal of engaging in violent jihad remained constant."

Another informant met with the duo this year and claims the two planned to travel to Casablanca, Morocco, before going to Mauritania.

Accused terrorist arrested at Augusta bus stop was en route to Morocco

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Nike Air Max Sq Uptempo Zm Sneaker

Randy Wilson (also known as Rasheed Wilson), 25, was arrested in Atlanta while trying to board a flight to Morocco Tuesday morning. Wilson is also from Mobile.

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Abukhdair was born in New York and moved to Cairo, Egypt, in 2007 to study Arabic. He moved from Cairo to Alexandria, Egypt, in 2010. He was arrested in 2010 with his roommates for his suspected role in a terrorist group. Nike Air More Uptempo Retro Pippen

making bombs and list of NYC landmarks, also shot at interrogators). 4, 2012: The two thought they saw an FBI surveillance van and then throw out all of their computers and electronics into the Mobile Bay. They discuss getting their story straight in case they were arrested. 7, 2012: In an attempt to convince they FBI that they no longer wanted to travel for jihad, Wilson and Abukhdair open a men's fragrance store. They sign a three year lease. The friend decides to become a Confidential Human Source (CHS) for the FBI and starts hanging around Wilson. The source claims Wilson previously spoke of deaths of innocent women and children as collateral damage. 7, 2012: Abukhdair tries to leave for Jordan but is turned down by the airline. He has a four hour interview with agents but did not reveal the plot. 10, 2012 Wilson reaches out to the undercover agent about buying airline tickets. It's less influenced by the West compared to other countries.2. The government is weak.3. It's cheap to live there.4. There's no jihad being waged there, so going there would not raise suspicions.5. 27, 2012: Wilson sends the undercover agent information to book flights. 31, 2012: The undercover agent buys tickets for Wilson. They plan to fly out Dec. 11, 2012: The undercover agent books a flight for Abukhdair on Dec. 13 to fly from Montreal to Morocco. 6, 2012: A bus ticket is bought for Abukhdair to leave Mobile on Dec. 11, 2012: Both Wilson and Abukhdair are arrested. Wilson is arrested while trying to board a flight in Atlanta and Abukhdair is arrested Nike Air Max Sq Uptempo Zm Sneaker in Augusta, Ga., at a bus terminal.

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The FBI says Abukhdair and Wilson are accused of conspiring to provide "material support to terrorists, knowing or intent that it will be used in preparation for, or in carrying out a conspiracy to kill persons or damage property outside the United States."

The undercover agent quoted Wilson saying, "Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam. There's no deed better than jihad."

claims Wilson and Abukhdair planned "to travel from the United States to Mauritania intending to prepare to wage violent jihad."

The FBI says Wilson has a wife and two small children who all lived in Mobile. According to the report, he is friends with (and is a former roommate of) Omar Hammami, who was placed on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List on Nov. 14, 2012.

The FBI reports that the two met online in 2010. An undercover agent met with the duo, and Wilson allegedly said he and Abukhdair were planning a trip to wage "violent jihad."

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Abukhdair allegedly told the undercover agent that the end goal for Islam was to take over the world and that jihad was the means of achieving this goal.

Abukhdair is also charged with passport fraud. He allegedly applied for a new passport, claiming he lost his old one.

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After he was released, he was deported back to America. He lived in South Carolina and Ohio and then moved to Mobile. He is not believed to be married or have children. 29, 2011: Wilson drives to Cleveland and brings Abukhdair to Mobile, Ala. He allegedly says they would never be coming back so it would be "free."Feb. 3, 2012: Frustrated with the time it was taking to plan all of this, Abukhdair allegedly suggests committing a terrorist act within the country instead, such as buying six guns for a domestic attack. would release Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman ("The Blind Sheik," alleged mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Aafia Siddiqui (arrested with information on Nike Uptempo Limited Edition

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