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You cant beat an acoustic set, i mean ill be off to college and thats the only reason id consider getting an electric set. but even if Nike Uptempo Chi

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

harmonic, "cold" if you will, having far less of a rich warm sound.

10 01 2008, 07:10 PM

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

im a really really hard hitter and have cracked many different cheap, thin symbols.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

Electric sets make you sound better. I think acoustic > electric.

So id go with thick sabien or zildjan symbols

If you are really into it then i would highly consider buying a higher end set, instead of wasting 200+ on a beginner set that sucks.

When it comes to beginner sets, most of them are pretty much the same. With nice heads that are properly tuned, a $300 Pulse kit will sound almost exactly the same as a $700 Pearl Forum to a beginner. Avoid cheaper brass cymbals (Sabian Solars and Zildjian Planet Zs and what have you) and invest in some decent sheet bronze ones. Most people agree that Sabian B8s are the best in their price range. Bass drum pedals are usually overlooked when it comes to a beginner set. The ones they come with are usually incredible flimsy and unresponsive, which can be really frustrating if you're just beginning. Try the Tama Iron Cobra Jr., which is about $70, and a solid pedal that will last you if you stick with the drums.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

and i wouldnt reccomend buying cheap symbols.

Buy a nice set of drumheads and take the time to tune them correctly, then see if you can find used Sabian B8 cymbals. Also, invest in a decent bass drum pedal.

Semi True. You can get MORE sounds on an electric kit, i can get one sounding like "Normal" drums in a short amount of time, you just need to set everything right. I will agree about electric drums being far less Nike Uptempo Navy Gum

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

If you're a beginner, you can't really be sure if you'll stick with it, so you (or your parents) probably won't want to drop a ton of money on it. You can get a cheap used 4 5 piece set for around $150 if you look around (try craigslist and the newspaper, as well as used music stores). Cheap Nike Air Max More Uptempo

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

acoustic drums Archive

noise issues are problems you can get rubber cover Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay ups to muffle the sound a bit.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

i would go with a pacific set or a DW set, or a ddrum. verrry sweet sets.

Get a normal drum set. Electronic drums are cool for making techno sounds and playing around with settings, and can be played quietly with headphones, but normal drums just sound better. I have yet to hear an electronic drum set that sounds like a normal one. Plus normal drums allow for so many different sounds that you can't play on electronic drum sets.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Ebay

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