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"People assume that all medicines work on everybody but they don't," she says. "The 30 per cent effect is good."

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The ABC ran a disclaimer at the start of Thursday's program saying: "The views expressed in this episode of Catalyst are not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor regarding your medications."

Critical of the Catalyst program's polarised view of cholesterol, she said it stifled an important debate on the grey areas of statin treatment.

Dr Lyn Weeks, the chief executive of the National Prescribing Service, said doctors would have to treat between 29 and 33 people with statins over five years to prevent one death from heart disease. But she said this was true of most medicines.

through this," he said.

Last week, the chair of the Australian Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines, Professor Emily Banks asked the ABC to pull the follow up program shown on Thursday.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

ABC health guru Dr Norman Swan accuses TV science program Catalyst of killing people

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cholesterol lowering statins are the most prescribed medicines in the country and more Nike Uptempo More Money

And for people in their 80s who had few other heart disease risk factors, the side effects probably outweighed the benefits, she said.

"People will die as a result of the Catalyst program unless people understand at heart what the issues are," Dr Norman Swan told ABC radio.

The most common Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker side effects were muscle pain and weakness and in 41 cases, death was reported as an outcome.

There is not much evidence that it is beneficial to prescribe them to young people who have high cholesterol unless there was a family history of early death from heart disease.

Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

There was strong evidence they prevented heart attacks, strokes and deaths in people who had already had a heart event, she said. She added, the evidence showed statins worked better at preventing deaths and heart attacks in men than in women.

About one in 10 patients who use the medicines suffer side effects, which can include crippling muscle pain.

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Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

Nike Air Max Uptempo Footlocker

Dr Norman Swan has joined leading medicos in criticising a controversial episode of the Catalyst program aired last month that questioned the role of cholesterol in heart disease and could result in patients halting use of cholesterol lowering drugs.

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Dr Hambleton said if patients are prescribed the drugs according to national guidelines, they should stay on them because it will reduce their risk of death, a heart attack or stroke. But he admitted 70 per cent of people who take the drugs won't get any benefit.

Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton said medicos were under siege from patients questioning their statin medicines after watching the two part program.

than $1 billion is spent on them annually.

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