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The council will cover the cost of the parking permits for the first year but, after that, residents will pay per year per car.

"I hope resident only parking will alleviate that."

Has anyone (the Telegraph for instance) done a freedom of information question on the money paid to the council on the existing ROP streets (Elms Ave etc) compared to the cost of setting up and policing the scheme? The set up costs are fairly high but 25 per first car year on year is quite a lot when multiplied by the number of households who park on the road where they live. And can anyone see the number of cars per household going down? so income is pretty well guaranteed.

Rob. The council have allowed this issue to manifest over a 2 year period and basically forced residents to accept ROP otherwise they have said they are not prepared to do anything else. They have also said over a large area if your street does not sign up to ROP then cars will Black And Gold Nike Uptempo

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Restictions are between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Householders are likely to be at work during those hours. From 6pm to 8am anyone can park as well as all day at weekends.

Unless they are going to install parking meters there will be cars parked along your streets from 6pm to 8am and all weekend as these fall outside the times covered by the permits.

The problem of congestion on the streets arose in May last year after the majority of services moved to Royal Nike Shoes Uptempo

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all park on your street. They also failed to tell residents a 2nd car will be 50 and have not explained why. However when we originally had the parking issues they said they could not build a multi storey car park or use land as a temporary car park due to increase in congestion. All a pack of lies because they are selling land to developers. Like most have pointed out it is NOT the solution as it will only move the issue to other residents. However as the council are basically useless residents will accept anything to sort this issue. Why can they not put down parking restrictions ? Means the council will not make any money from it and that's the bottom line.

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The council has also proposed putting in a limited number of waiting spaces on some streets to accommodate shoppers and visitors to Littleover Methodist Church.

Also included will be Corden Avenue, Carnoustie Close, Belfrey Close, St Mellion Close, Lindrick Close, Gleneagles Close, Birkdale Close, Heron Way, Partridge Way, Fulmar Close, Swift Close, Swallow Close, Dove Close, Dalton Avenue, Dovestone Gardens, Dean Close, Cherry Nike Air Max Uptempo Green Close, Old Hall Avenue and Muirfield Drive.

It's not lies at all Guffy. Even if you could provide evidence of the need for a multi storey car park, it has become more and more difficult to get planning permission for such a proposal in recent years because of Government (and local) planning policies. This applies to Derby City Council as much as it does to a private company.

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By the way, the origins of the problem lie with the NHS Trust, not the Council. It was the NHS Trust who severely underestimated the numbers of staff when they submitted the original planning application. Whether or not this was deliberate, I'll leave you to decide.

Non permit holders will not be allowed to park between 8am and 6pm, from Monday to Friday.

What residents need to take into account before agreeing to the permits are the times parking is allowed by non permit holders.

Queens Drive resident Stephen Handsley, 57, said the scheme was "the only way to deal with the problem".

A SCHEME to stop Royal Derby Hospital workers parking on residential streets could be in operation by the end of March

A city council spokesman said: "We envisage that, if the scheme does not need alteration after this consultation and is approved by councillors, the bays could be operating by the end of March."

Keep your money in your pockets and tell DCC no thanks to the permits.

He said: "Where I live there are cars parked on a blind bend and it's just an absolute nightmare because it's dangerous.

ROP schemes result in more front gardens being tarmacced/ block paved so increasing rainwater run off and increasing future flooding problems. Is this factored into the cost?

Derby Hospital from the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

"They're starting to encroach further and further up the road.

have residents only parking. In Lawn Heads Avenue residents voted against the scheme.

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Only one street in the area affected by the problems will definitely not Nike Uptempo 96 Supreme

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Will it make any difference to the cars parked in the evenings? No, will it make any diffrence to cars parked at weekends? No.

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