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Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

For as long as you've been watching or playing lacrosse, have the Junior A crowds always been crazy?

As of right now in net we've got Angus Goodleaf, he played for Burnaby last year. We've also got Randy Johnson, he was the goaltender for the Junior B team, the Rebels. They won the Founders last year. There's another guy that's coming up from Junior B Cody Johnson, he's fast. I've heard Alex Gajic's name being thrown around but I'm not too sure if he's actually coming or not.

Do you feel like there's a lot of pressure on you guys?What advice would you give a younger player to help deal with that pressure?

minor teams. There's just a lot of lacrosse.

Have you set any goals for yourself this season?

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Other than Orangeville, who do you see as the biggest threats to Six Nations?

How about for the team?

Peterborough, they usually look good. Burlington was a surprise last year. They gave us a big scare and I don't think they lose anybody so they'll be pretty solid.

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Since I started playing, yeah, and since I've been watching. There was a couple years where the Arrows were barely making the playoffs and the crowds weren't quite as big, but yeah since I've been there it's been crazy.

I'd probably have to say the development, that it starts at a young age. There's just a ton of lacrosse on the reserve, we have two Senior B teams, Senior A, Junior A, Junior B, and all the Nike Uptempo Supreme For Sale

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

What can you tell me about your coach Regy Thorpe?

Basically, don't be afraid to make mistakes. If you're too afraid to make mistakes I think it takes you out of how you play your game.

A Q with Kent Squire

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Lately it seems like every year you guys are either at the top or near it. Who or what deserves the credit for the Arrows being such a consistently strong team?

Don't get hurt!

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Well we've had a few big name players come in, but that's mostly because they want a chance to win. It doesn't really bother me too much, I guess.

get back to the Minto, for sure. The Minto Cup is different because you feel like you won't always have that chance, you have to perform at your very Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black best because you never know if you're going to get back there. I've been fortunate enough to be there four years now. But we still have to take it game by game, we can't overlook any team, can't look beyond the next game.

What can you tell me about a few of the players you're bringing in to fill out the roster?

I feel pretty Nike Air Total Max Uptempo White Blue

There's always some grumbling around the league about the players the Arrows are able to bring in. Does it get to you?

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

With the past four years having seen the Six Nations Arrows with four league titles and four appearances in the Minto, it's now pretty easy to classify the 2007 Minto Cup champions as a perennial powerhouse. It's no coincidence that top ranked transition piston and Syracuse recruit Kent Squire Hill (7) has spent all four of those years on the Arrows roster. Here he discusses roster additions, the pressure to win, and taking it one game at a time.

Last year, of course, the Six Nations Arrows won the Minto and the entire season it just seemed like there was no stopping you. Is that how you guys felt?

confident. There's been a lot of talk about Orangeville knocking us off this year but they've been saying that for the last four years. There's going to be some tougher games this year though, we lost some really solid players to graduation.

He's a great coach, just an all around good guy. He still plays so he's more like a player but he knows when to be firm and when to back off. He's just a good goach, he knows a lot.

Nike Air More Uptempo - Men's Black

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