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This column, however, despite how it may seem, is not written with the intention of finding a solution to this unprecedented mystery. Instead, let me now Nike Air More Uptempo Og tell another story ancient times, there existed a major Greek colony called Paestum on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia.

all our technology and advancements, we are still powerless and in the dark.

a strong legacy beats a solid bomb shelter

What about the missing flight MH 370? With Nike Uptempo Reflective

Many spend their lives preparing for the end in an attempt to overcome it. One of my brother favourite shows on Foxtel is Doomsday Preppers, a series of documentaries offering glimpses into the lives of those who know the end is near, and plan to fight.

Well, here is the time for more conspiracy theories. What if we were wiped out by aliens, or wizards, the environment, or even fellow human beings? It is, of course, the last two that are probably most comprehensible. Just think of the cyclone that recently tore through Queensland; could a Nike Vis Uptempo

nuclear bomb have stopped it?

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In fact, as more time passes, the idea that we simply have no idea becomes more and more troubling, and most people seem even more compelled to fashion some explanation. My favourite conspiracy theories include:

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On the other hand, there are those who spend their lives making millions, designing architectural feats, making their names recognisable, saving lives or writing books. But will any of this matter when we are not around to appreciate effort and success? And what about the normal people? Those who simply make the most of each day?

The majority of us, as a collective society, and even as a collective human race, also believe we are invincible. We are the most powerful species. We are at the top of the food chain. We have weapons of mass destruction. What kind of force could pose a challenge?

I apologise that it is a question with the ability to leave one feeling so small, but I promise it is also an opportunity, if an answer if found, to discover a new level of content.

Despite the lack of certainty I have previously acknowledged, I believe we can be certain about one thing: we will not be here forever, and we have absolutely no idea how long we have until our time is up. So the question remains: prevention or legacy?

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sound appealing to you, then good luck, I would love to know how it goes for you. If not, please just have a think about legacy. Who are you? What have you done that deserves to live on beyond the human body? What impact, big or small, have you made?

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THE plane was hijacked by terrorists without a purpose;

I am not framing such a life in a bad light; it is the life most of us lead. What I asking is, what should we be doing?

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Should we start digging holes in our backyards for our homemade time capsules? Refuse to sleep in fear that we have no time left? Buy a litter of puppies and begin to train them as guard dogs? Or start procreating as frequently as possible in order to enhance our chances of survival on the basis of increased population?

As with most Greeks of the day, its citizens saw themselves as invincible, and thus, when they were conquered in a surprise attack by Lucians, they were not prepared, and were annihilated. To this day, all that remains are some of the most magnificent and best preserved temples in the world and it is this tragedy that got me thinking.

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