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A New Rental Reality

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

"We stayed in Valencia, Spain, and that was maybe the weirdest experience because the door handle kept locking, and so it Midnight and we trying to get in and we finally got that figured out and had to wake the guy up, but it was right on the beach overlooking the ocean and it was just very cool," Carda said.

That is why Carda says there is now a community forming, an established level of trust that allows him and every user to feel comfortable with letting new people into their homes.

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

It may have started as a way to get a better rate on a room, but it soon took off into another way for Carda to make money. Hosts can set a price for their home based on where they live, and Airbnb takes a percentage of the profit. The site is used by people in nearly 200 countries and 34,000 cities, including Rapid City, Pierre and even two spots in Sioux Falls.

"They think I crazy, like I some foolish person for letting people stay at my house," Airbnb user Chris Carda said.

"It was just getting over the fact that there were strangers in my house, and I had to get past that comfort level," Carda said.

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"I love just meeting the people, and even the ones that I have stay here, it probably not the people that would normally come into my life at times," Carda said.

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

"Sometimes it comes down to the price point. We stayed in Seattle last year and it was about 1/2 to 2/3 of what we would paid for a hotel in a prime area," Nike Air More Uptempo Retro

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Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

Carda said.

For Chris Carda that statement is no longer foreign; it his new reality. He is a frequent user of the website Airbnb, a service for people looking for places to stay other than hotels.

"You can go to different places and you have the comforts of home and you might get a house like this or you might get a room somewhere or you might be sharing a place. It just depends on who it is or where it at," Carda said.

Hotel rooms in Sioux Falls range from close to $40 a night all the way to near $150 a night. Carda home is listed right in between it all at $75 a night.

At first, Carda was skeptical about renting out his home to people he never met.

"We started looking at it awhile back when we were traveling internationally, and a friend of mine wanted us to try it and we had no clue what it was and went, We checked it out, and I actually started it here just to get the discount," Carda said.

So, why are people choosing to stay in someone home? Besides the comforts of things like a living room and a full kitchen, Carda says this system is easier on the bank account.

year and is constantly turning down requests because he already booked.

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People who have stayed in Carda home have left raving reviews about their stay on the site as well as personal notes in the instruction folder he leaves for all his guests.

"You want to use those reviews to gauge who you want in your house because you will find some people that maybe haven taken care of it or they been a Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale little not as clean as you would like or they may have damaged something," Carda said.

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

Renting out your home may seem unconventional at first, but sites like Airbnb are becoming more popular by the day, and as Sioux Falls grows, the use of this site may grow as well.

While the price may be right, not just anyone can hop on Airbnb and reserve Carda home. A review system on the site lets him get a closer look at who he booking, because even though it a great way for him to make money, he still needs to protect the place where he lives.

SIOUX FALLS, SD The traveling game is evolving.

Nike Air More Uptempo Volt For Sale

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