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The skin and beauty expert: Louise Thomas Minns from U and Your Skin on Bridewell Alley.

9. Drink green and white tea 2 4 times a day. These are packed with high levels of Polyphenols which protect the skin Nike Air Max Uptempo White/Obsidian

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or severe acne.

2 Swap or sell your unwanted clothes? Swishing parties are the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. You can swap the clothes you don't want, for some 'new' clothes you do want! But if that doesn't appeal, good quality clothes can sell well online. It can be time consuming, but you can earn money.

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Catherine Jeans, nutritional therapist at The Orange Grove Clinic, Maddermarket, Norwich.

6. Eat your greensand broccoli, spinach, berries, peppers, raw nuts and seeds. These are just some of natures best anti oxidants, free radical fighting foods.

2. Take milk thistle supplement to support the liver.

4. Visit the steam room in the gym great for the face (Avoid if you have high blood pressure, sensitive/vascular skin Nike Air Max Uptempo Heat Map

Personal trainer and Evening News fitness expert Julian Bynoe.

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It's a tough challenge. To help you get started four lifestyle experts from Norwich give their top tips on how you can improve your looks and health.

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6. Think about colour. Have you ever had your colours done? If you haven't, it might be a good idea. If you can't afford it, try a simple test. Stand in good light in front of a mirror, without any make up on. Hold up a few dresses or shirts up to your chest. Do they make your face light up or do they drain the colour from your face?

New year, new you is a bit of a cliche. It conjures up unrealistic expectations on how you should reinvent yourself for the year ahead. You may want to lose weight, get fitter, improve your dress sense or even vow to always take your makeup off before you go to bed, but unless you really want to do these things these Nike Zoom Uptempo V White

Personal stylist Janette Liggins.

cells from damage.

8. Workout your face not just your body! There are 98 facial muscles all of which, if exercised in the correct way regularly can maintain definition and tone. You can even gain a skinny chin, plump cheeks and the perfect pout!

1. Weed your wardrobe. Don't keep clothes you don't wear! Get rid of anything you haven't worn for a while. If doesn't fit now, it probably never will. Take all your unwanted clothes to your nearest charity shop and you will feel a whole lot better. Or why not .

7. Get a good nights sleep

10. Control your stress less. Over time your body will release hormones that are conducive to assisting in the ageing process with lines and wrinkles becoming etched onto the face. You can still look and feel great though. Here are my top tips to help you look and feel great in 2013.

5. What shape are you? Some shops are better for certain shapes than others. It's true. If you're petite you might want to try shops like H or New Look. Curvy girls could try Marks and Spencer or Next perhaps? Tall and lean? Try French Connection, Warehouse or Zara.

3. Dry skin brush before every shower, upwards and towards the heart.

7. Buy quality if you can. In these hard times, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, but it the long run it's rarely a good idea. Like anything in Nike Air Total Max Uptempo Silver Black life, you get what you pay for. Quality should last.

"I recommend the follow ten ways to help gain a clearer and brighter complexion:

resolutions will probably be long forgotten by Easter.

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A new year and a whole new you

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Nike Air Total Max Uptempo Silver Black

5. Obviously reduce alcohol, sugar and processed foods. These are 'thieves of youth!', and moderation with help increase 'free radicals' within the body.

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If you really want to change the way you look and feel you need to change your lifestyle for good. This means sticking to a balanced diet and taking regular exercise for the rest of your life if you want to improve your health not going on a crash diet for a week or two. It means setting aside five minutes every night to cleanse and moisturise your face if you want to improve your skin tone, and it means learning how to dress your body shape and sticking to the items that suit you if you want to always look stylish.

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Louise says: "Detoxing has great benefits to the skin. I don't advocate extreme supplementation detox packages though, instead you should look at it as a healthier way of life not a quick fix. Try to stick to this 90pc of the time so that it leaves room for you to be a bit naughty from time to time.

8. Look after you've got. Okay, so now I'm beginning to sound like your worst nightmare, but if you store, hang, wash and dry your clothes well, it stands to reason that your clothes will last longer. Lecture over. You can relax now!

1. Drink hot water with a wedge of lemon and some grated ginger at the start and end of your day.

4. Bag a bargain. If you have the energy, why not hit the Sales? But don't buy for the sake it. Have an idea of what you want (or better still what you need!) and look for that.

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3. Charity shops. I've been saying it for years, but you can find some fantastic clothes in charity shops. And, of course, they don't cost a fortune. Give things a new lease of life, like sewing some funky new buttons on an old jacket.

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