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Jared Weaver, I gave up driving so I wouldn't be giving my money to corrupt oil companies. I gave up driving so I would have better health and not pollute the planet. I gave up driving so I wouldn't have to waste money on insurance or a car payment. I gave up driving because in reality Boise is a very small town and biking is a great way to enjoy my life here and see what everyone else is zooming past in a rush. I gave up driving because I didn't want to be a slave to a whole industry that had no care for anything but profit. Outlandish demands? I only want what you want, the freedom to safely go to and fro about my business.

"It's called a buffered bike lane so it's just one bike lane but essentially it'll be separated from the vehicle travel lane by some paint and also some delineates some vertical candles we call them," said Craig Quintana of Ada County Highway District

ACHD looking to turn car lanes into bike lanes

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

It's erroneous to believe that roads are totally paid for by USERS (in the form of registration fees and fuel tax). Only about 1/3 of roadway funding comes from the users; a much larger slice of the pie comes from property taxes. I pay property taxes even when I'm riding my bicycle. (I also pay to register a car and two motorcycles, even though they sit in the garage 300 days per year.)

That said. Hulme, that Idaho stop law was exactly my point. However many drivers are unaware of that law. Both drivers and cyclists should obey the laws. Drivers should also realize that a cyclist is doing them a favor by clearing the lane by continuing through a stop sign, or proceeding through a stop light when safe to do so. They should respect that a cyclist may need to take the entire lane for safe travel even if there is an adjacent bike lane. Cyclists should travel on the right side of road and not against traffic. It would be nice to see Boise Police take a proactive, caring approach to bicycle travel instead of disdain.

"Our analysis shows there should still be enough capacity that will serve those needs that rush hour will get a little more congested a little more crowded than people are used Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater to but they'll still get through. at the US Bank building.

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Though I'm not sure putting these lanes on some of the busiest streets in Boise is the best way to go, I think it's a great idea! People who complain about 'rush hour traffic' in this city clearly need to get out and see that what we consider rush hour is nothing comparatively. Bike lanes that already exist make me uncomfortable, both as a driver and as a biker, as people driving aren't always paying attention, but that can also be flipped, if you are biking, then you are considered a moving vehicle just as any car is, and need to follow the Nike Uptempo Se

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Furthermore Cyclists can kiss my as which rides in the leather seat of a very large truck. I've seen too many cyclists do too many stupid things here in Boise to believe that a buffered bike lane will make you people behave in a safe manner. Bikers get it, they share the road with two ton pieces of steel that have blind spots. You cyclists seem to forget that. So maybe try obeying traffic laws and riding defensivly before getting all indignant and demanding special treatment.

Disagree. Boise's road system can't handle a rush hour load in some of the more populated areas. Expand the vehicle lanes before the bike lanes. That's a waste of my tax dollars to make the road system less efficent. We're not Portland and we need to stop acting like we are.

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

As a downtown food service delivery driver that may have to maneuver a 28, 32, 36, 45 Nike Uptempo Pink And Black

I've been a transportation cyclist for 28+ years in Boise, and have done fine without those additional bike lanes. I can continue to do fine Nike Air Uptempo X Supreme

laws. I think this is a very important two way conversation that needs to be had, and all constructive comments and concerns need to be considered.

I see bikes all the time not using the bike lane! They cut across traffic, ride on the outer edge of the bike lane to make the drivers swing wide around them even though they have a whole several feet on the right they could be using (I think they are trying to avoid a flat as the debris is farther right) and I have see them ride on sidewalks where there is a bike lane! If they choose this way to get around, they need to obey the rules! They don't and we want to reward them for it? I agree, things need to be safe out there but the accidents that happen are not from lack of a bike lane.

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

or 48 ft trailer that has multiple blind spots, the thing that makes most sense is make the cyclists follow the rules of the road. Have been sitting at a light waiting to make a right turn, checked my mirrors and saw a cyclist coming up behind me, checked again and the cyclist was gone. Went to turn right on the green. started the turn and boom, there was the cyclist. Never saw him! And he flipped me off. Just like other motorists, if a cyclist is behind another vehicle, bike lane or not, follow the rules of the road and wait your turn. Route these bikes through back streets and neighborhoods and get them off mian roads,and no they don't pay for the right to use public roads and highways.

Lots of people don't feel comfortable sharing a lane with motorized traffic, when cycling. As bike lanes are added, more people will ride bikes and Boise will edge closer to being a "bike town." (The geographics climate and terrain are significantly better in Boise, than in places like Portland, Seattle, Madison WI places that ARE "bike towns"!)

without 'em. However, here are a couple of realities to consider:

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) ACHD is proposing to convert car lanes to bike lanes on Capitol Blvd, Main Street and Idaho Street downtown.

Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

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