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A Sargent at BPD is a front line supervisor. Several things here to consider given that. How good a supervisor is she if she can't control herself. Also she seems not to know when she can ask for ID or else she was trying to intimidate the person. If she is making traffic stops and a member of her team needs advise or help how she is going to do that if she is in the middle of her own traffic stop. Sounds like she needs to learn her laws and job a little better if she going to continue to Foot Locker Nike Air Max Uptempo

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson released a statement that there is an internal investigation into the incident.

In the video the officer states she has no problem with the person recording video, though the man who took the video and posted in on YouTube believes this wouldn't have happened if he wasn't recording the stop.

Wth! He was far away and was in no way a threat her decision is what get cops hurt because she confronted someone who was not in her space and to try and touch the camera man without the proper protocol Nike Air More Uptempo For Sale Uk

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obviously she is a very angry person or not trained. Now if he was close and actually on the crime scene and truly in her way I would be on her side, this is not proper protocol on how she handled the situation seriously if she thought she was in so called danger why the heck would u walk up all crazy and provoke things? Seriously ? ridiculous .

Dale what the hell happened to you in life to have such a low opinion of Peace Officers? You have no idea what a person goes thru to become an officer. Lets see first written test where on an average more than have fail. Then an oral interview which again many fail or do not score high enough. Then a physical agility test again many fail. Then a right hour personality multi psych test. 8 hrs long. Then finally a background Nike Air More Uptempo Qs Chicago

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ACLU asks for documents after BPD video goes viral

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) ACLU of Idaho is asking for documents regarding policies on how officers should deal with people recording their encounters. This comes after a video of a heated encounter with an officer went viral.

Had he not had a camera then it most likely would not have been an issue as people have a right to observe. Why should this have bothered her when he's 50 feet away? She made it an issue and hopefully she did the Right thing of whom ever she pulled over. Focus matters on the situation which she was not.

Thank you Paul Zill for clarifcation as well. I own my boat outright and have the title and all. Never the less, she was at my house for almost an hour. When she arrived my husband, 4 year old daughter and I were in our garage. My huband was trying to put our daughter in the house and from the moment she got here she was rude. She yelled at my husband telling him not to move amd take his hands out of his pockets. She approached us from the start as if we were criminals. The whole time she was here she harrassed us and was in my opinion very unprofessional!

So when cars are pulled over in front of my house and I open the front door to view am I interferring with their process? I took a blanket to a young kid a few weeks ago but never had this form of encounter with officers. There is a difference between what they are doing and we as citizens do.

The ACLU wants to see what documents have been sent out, or regulations the department has on the books dealing with officers encounters with citizens recording police.

The ACLU said they have helped departments update their policies on citizens recording police activity to make sure officers are trained on the matter.

test. Based on your score your put on a hiring list. The way you and your friends talk anybody could do the job and the current officers are crooks. You really do not have a clue.

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The organization wants to make sure there are rules in place and that officers are trained not to interfere with people who are recording. A right the ACLU said has been upheld several times as freedom of speech.

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Being a retired deputy Sheriff also, I have had people watch or film a police encounter, it is common place. If and when those people interact with or become involved with the police contact then they are interferring. I do Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink not buy the "Officer Safety" story. She was on a traffic stop with a known law violator which she turned her back to and walked about 50 feet away to this man to have the filmed confrontation. If he was an immediate safety hazard she should have let the traffic violator go and call for back up to assist her. Her being a supervisor should be alarming also, she should be trained and experienced enough to make appropriate judgements.

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be a BPD Sargent.

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