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Nike Air Uptempo Og

A view of Occupy protests

On Sept. 21, I participated in a rally at Occupy Seattle.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Nike Air Uptempo Og

I did so to support the movement and specifically in protest of our country's over reliance on a carbon based economy and the mega corporations that profit extravagantly from its continuance to the detriment of our environment.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

On a related track, the 1990s saw a strong move toward economic globalization with the passage of free trade measures such as NAFTA and agreements greatly strengthening and entrenching the work of the World Trade Organization.

For years polls have shown that most Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Among other things, this has been interpreted to allow them to inject unlimited amounts of money into our political system.

Beginning in the early 1980s, the country veered sharply toward economic deregulation.

Fortunately, Nike Air Uptempo Og it's not too hard to understand how we lost our balance.

Ultimately, we've reaped what we've sown. As a whole, the American people, via their vote or lack thereof, have put people in office who've brought us to where we Nike More Uptempo Hoop Pack

We essentially now have a government bought and paid for by corporate and other big moneyed interests such that the majority of citizens' concerns are essentially pushed out of the conversation.


While its early stages may appear disorganized and its messages numerous, at its core it's easy to understand that is unless one's real goal is to intentionally misinterpret it for political reasons.

are now.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Whether it is unemployment, declining personal income, out of control personal and/or public debt, upside down mortgages, medical insurance that is too expensive to afford, a historically unequal division of the economic pie, or environmental degradation, people feel a need for changes that will get us back on track.

Since then I've noticed numerous instances of individuals and media pointing to outliers, whether they be people or issues associated with the movement, in an attempt to discredit, mislabel, or otherwise undermine it.

reaction to the consequences of all the above.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, or whatever else we want to call it, is a Nike Uptempo Reflective Gs

The trend continued throughout the Clinton Administration and went hard core during the Bush years.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Whether or not they made or inherited their money, the system has been skewed to greatly enhance their advantages both financially and politically. Supreme Court recently adorned corporations with Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Nike Air Uptempo Og

Over the same time frame a significant realignment of power has occurred, shifting from a government and economy that benefit as many citizens as possible to ones that serve primarily the interests of corporations and the very well to do.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

The result has been an increasing disenfranchisement of workers and thereby families as they've watched their jobs shipped overseas.

Nike Air Uptempo Og

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