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Both told stories of men and women who are surviving tough times, and others who have given up. stated alcohol and drug abuse are a major factors for Nike Uptempo Chi

Members of the Kent United Methodist Church along with other churches and groups hope to found a day center for the homeless in Kent.

Tate said panhandling shows how giving the community is in Kent and Covington.

man said there are services available to help the homeless, but the problem is both deep and wide and not easily addressed by a government or humanitarian groups. said. and Tate both described a growing problem of teenagers living on the streets in the Kent area. Along with teens, there is the serious trouble of drugs. and Tate made about some of the kids living on the streets. said. "There is so much meth and stuff out there and it is so easy to get for them. said there are "12 to 14 year olds out on the street thinking it is cool. said drugs and alcohol are easy for kids to find on the streets. said. feels many of the people getting picked up by police on the streets are homeless alcoholics who need help, but the drug dealers disappear when an officer is near.

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

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Of that third probably less than 20 percent need to be on the street. Meaning their parents kicked them out and don't want them to come back. and Tate stated that Kent and surrounding communities try to help homeless in many ways. There are food banks and emergency shelters. Catholic Community Services provides many services along with numerous churches and government agencies.

many who have lost hope. He added some of the homeless simply drink so they don't feel anything. said.

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The numbers of youths on the street is a moving target as it is with adults. said. "I am talking about the 'wanna be gangster kids.' Most of them don't need to be on the streets. estimated there are about 500 homeless on the streets in and around Kent, and "at least a third are kids. Nike Uptempo Release 2016

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"In a four hour period I could make a hundred dollars easy," Tate said. "I had four or five jobs I got (while panhandling). I wasn't out there to rip anybody off. I just needed enough to get me through."

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Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

Tate has been homeless since 2009. He lived for a period of time in shelters, but now survives on the streets day and night.

Kent, as the sixth largest city in the state, has had a fast growing population of home less people since the Great Recession hit in 2008. There are government officials, religious and humanitarian groups trying to bring assistance to those who have fallen on tough times.

Every school district, city and community has homeless adults and children living in a nearly invisible world of streets, parking lots, doorways, porches and cars.

This story is the third of a three part series on homelessness and living on Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue the streets in and around Kent. because he asked that his real name not be used, described the experiences they have encountered on the streets in Kent and around the region. He spends much of his off time helping the homeless.

Willows Place is an organization that has for many years been working with the homeless.

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A view from the streets in Kent

Homelessness it is a word, a tragedy and an issue that reflects the complex problems facing our region, state and nation.

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Blue

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