Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

Harry drooled at the thought of what may be hidden away in the jeweller's safe, took a deep breath and composed himself once more.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

With that, the Alsatian leapt to his feet, bounded over to a lamppost and then jumped back into the car. As the siren faded into the night, Harry gave a sigh of Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016 relief and returned to the safe.

"Get a grip!" Harry admonished himself between gritted teeth. He took a deep breath and steadied his hand as best he could, as his wish list expanded to the size of a picnic blanket.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

His breaths were heavy now and his heart beat as if he'd been running for a bus.

Despite it being a cold Christmas Eve night, Harry felt a flush of warmth as he heard the resounding confirmatory click that he'd found the first number of the safe's combination.

"Fancy a brew?" Charlie ventured. "I saw a kettle and mugs in that back room."

"Yes, Charlie, why not? It's thirsty work, this safe cracking," smiled Harry. He looked at his watch and saw that it had just gone midnight.

you could chase the ducks again. You like chasing the ducks, and chasing the park keeper. You could even have a growl at the newsagent again if you want to."

Harry knew the jewellery shop would not be open for business again until the Nike Air More Uptempo 1996 For Sale

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

With only two more combination numbers to find, Harry returned to his work. Pursing his lips, he whistled a silent, happy tune. He began to tick off items on a wish list in his mind that he would buy with the lion's share of their haul.

"Yeah, Christmas," came the reply.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

"Happy Christmas, Charlie," he called out.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

Within a few minutes, Harry was beaming a broad smile as, for the second time that night, he heard the resounding click on finding another combination number.

Boxing Day sales, giving them a substantial head start on the long arm of the law.

Harry peeked around the doorway that led to the shop. Through the jeweller's window, he saw a police car screech to a halt. The officer got out and on opening the rear door, an Alsatian sporting a high visibility coat ambled out and sniffed the night air.

Harry had discovered the fourth and final combination number. A virtual fanfare played in his mind and, to rapturous, applause the door swung open.

And then it happened, with an unassuming click of confirmation, Nike Uptempo Cheap Sales

He immediately padded over the road to the jewellers.

On finding the third number, Harry's wish list spun back into view once more and his hand became decidedly less steady as he wiped his brow free of the sweat that was stinging his eyes.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

"I'm sorry, boy, it's not your fault, I know. Tell you what, we could go to the park tomorrow and Nike Air More Uptempo Shopping

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

a perfect time for thieving a fortune

He froze instantly at the sound of an approaching police car siren as his wish list crumpled into a ball and then vanished.

Nike Air Uptempo Release 2016

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