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"If women assume the major nurturing role and the chief financial role, where does that leave men? What sort of role model is this for young boys?"

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Realist of Geelong Posted at 11:41 AM November 20, 2013

The example they set as a role model is as crucial for their sons as it is for their daughters.

These choices were neither traditional nor modern, just theirs.

When friends came over recently, they were surprised that we had booked Nike Air Uptempo Shoes both Harvey and Isabella into an art class in the recent school holidays. How would Harvey (not Isabella) sit still? Was he (as a boy) interested in art?

On social media and elsewhere, people were rattled by the study from the National Centre for Nike Uptempo Triple White On Feet

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Social and Economic Modelling that told us that the number of women who were breadwinners had risen 35 per cent since 2001.

A question of gender balance

I am not convinced that the sexes need to be at war over who earns more money in the same household. Why does female financial independence necessarily translate to the marginalisation of men? Why does Nike Air More Uptempo Release Dates

Harvey and Isabella both enjoyed different aspects of the class. The pieces that each produced were different in colour and design and texture, not necessarily because one of them is male and one female but because they are different people.

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My better half earns considerably more than I do, i'm happy with things just the way they are. I like being able to get 4 5 hours in on the bike before work 3 times a week. To allow this to happen I have sacrificed the prestige of being the main bread winner in our household. In all seriousness, it is slowly swinging in favour of women. Blind freddie can see this by looking at university completion stats and simply a head count in most orgs employing people who require higher education.

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They are all utterly themselves.

a woman as the primary breadwinner equate to a bad role model for young boys? Why is a full time stay at home dad a threat to motherhood?

THESE two comments were made by a man in a letter recently published in this newspaper. He was not alone in reacting this way to new research that shows that the woman earns more than the man in 24 per cent of Australian households. This percentage rises to 34 per cent when the woman is aged over 60.

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I have friends who are the primary carers of their children. They are full time, stay at home dads and are doing a wonderful job. Their kids are great. Their role as the primary care giver is meaningful and productive and important.

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My experience with our children has taught me that boys and girls are different. That said, our two girls, Isabella and Georgia, are as different to each other as each of them is to their brother, Harvey.

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I couldn't think of a better way of empowering my children, boys or girls, than by providing them with a loving and supportive environment and celebrating their life choices whatever they Nike Air More Uptempo Red White Release Date

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great article. If my partner is to earn more than I do. Hooray for her, hooray for me and hooray for our family. more money to go around, less stress on me, better support for our children and our family's future. I fail to recognise the so called 'troubles', 'concerns' or 'problems' anyone that has with this concept. If you have an issue with women being household breadwinners you either: A are a dinosaur and chauvinist. B are selfish, Narcissistic and want to laud it over your 'women' that you earn the money and are therefore more important OR C are too simple to realise the economic plus within your own household. and news flash we are talking about 1/4 of households. suck up your pride and come back to the future

In our house, girls had plenty of trucks to play with and our son had plenty of dolls at his disposal. As it turned out, the trucks, when played with by our girls, were used as transport vehicles for their dolls. Harvey's interaction with dolls was limited to using them as props when he was playing superheroes and needed something to rescue or something to be captured by the "bad guys".

Instead of being critical of the changing roles of women in the household, why not embrace the changing face of family in Australia and concentrate our energy on supporting each other irrespective of whether those choices conform to our ideas about the traditional roles of men and women?

Rachel Schutze is a principal of Maurice Blackburn, wife and mother of three.

Sean of Highton Posted at 5:35 PM November 20, 2013

I had never thought about art as a gender based endeavour. Some girls don't like art and some boys love it.

may be.

Isn't the concern about the increased number of female breadwinners in Australian households really a reflection of a need in our community to break down all of our outdated thoughts about what girls should do and what boys should do?

If we are being honest with ourselves, is this a question about the marginalisation of men or our inability as a community to accept change?

When I recently met a young woman who was about to complete an apprenticeship as a plumber, I admit it struck me as unusual. I had never met a female plumber before. She spoke about her ambition to start her own business one day. While her choice of profession may still be unusual for a girl, her ambition to be a successful small business person wasn't.

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