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The pig, a Gloucester Old Spot, is now in the care of the centre and may be re homed over the next few months.

"It will just take time and patience. She was very timid and shied away from you at first but she is getting better every day."

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"It's like she doesn't know she's a pig. She's living with five other pigs now and she is getting better. We just need to make sure that she's not frightened.

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land and ideally have a small holding.

"She has been locked up in the house all her life, she needs the space to run around and enjoy her life as a pig.

Well done to Burton wildlife credit where credits due.

In the house, at Nike Uptempo Doernbecher

I am glad to hear Babe has been re home with other pigs and it sounds as she is going to be well looked after.

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It is thought that the man bought the animal thinking it was a micro pig and was shocked when it grew.

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A potential new owner must have at least a third of an acre of Nike Air More Uptempo Gym Red For Sale

"The pig is very frightened. She's been cooped up in the house for so long and has never had any contact with pigs before so she doesn't know how to act. It's really sad to see her like that."

A PIG that was found living with a man in his Sinfin council house has been taken in by an animal rescue centre

I hope her new home is fit for a pig not like the sty she has been free from.

Burton Wildlife are always very helpful and if you can't get to them personally they come out to you without a fuss once they came out at gone midnight Nike Air Uptempo Yellow to help with an injured bird I found, and offer loads of help if you aren't sure what to do if you come across injured animals etc. They are linked to a vets in Burton so can get medical help quickly too. Put their number in your mobile you never know when you may find an animal in need of help! 07780742748

Council housing staff were called to the property after complaints from residents and found the animal standing in the hallway, which was covered in its droppings.

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20 Kingsley Street, the pig had the run of the downstairs space, including the kitchen and bathroom.

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"She has not been bred for meat, she is a pet. And she would need a lot of space to run around.

"If no one is interested in re homing her when the time comes, she can live out the rest of her days here with the other pigs we've got."

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(mostly volunteer, I think) workers doing all they can to help animals/birds etc in need, whether wild or domestic. I have called them on a couple of occasions when neighbourhood cats have brought birds to their owners 'as presents' that then need some tlc before being released again.

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Burton Wildlife are a quite little known rescue centre to us Derbians but are a fabulous charity, with the Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Release Date

Emma said: "We would have to be sure that she was not going to anyone who wanted her for meat.

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