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While the Aussie soldiers were incredibly brave and tenacious during a short period of battle with both sides suffering high losses Gull Force soldiers were overwhelmed and forced to surrender on February 3, 1942. After liberation in early September 1945, only 305 men remained alive.

Henry beating occurred around midday. After Nike Max Uptempo Fuse 360 crawling under a shed to escape his attackers, Henry was found dead under that same shed only a few hours later.

of unique people were lost in conflicts in our nation history needs to again be fully explored.

Robinson, my great uncle whom I never had the chance to know, was a humble, unpretentious man, a Sunday School teacher with no axe to grind with anyone.

Here is an inadequately short version of one man story.

A time for reflection on nature of conflict

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How did those young people really feel as they signed up, when they were sent on their first posting, when waiting nervously for their first direct enemy engagement and all the myriad confronting experiences war brings?

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From both world wars, whole cohorts of Australian men and women were denied their future their chance to marry, raise families, build careers, start businesses, invent things, become community leaders and everything else that makes up life diverse tapestry.

By any measure, his death and tens of thousands like him was horrible, unnecessary and tragic.

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each injury, each death is unique.

We cannot put ourselves into the minds of what motivated Henry and thousands like him to sign on. One of the six surviving Gull Force veterans, Max Gilbert, described it to me recently as fervour As the grim reality of war unfolded, we can only guess whether those young men began to doubt that fervour.

Did those in POW camps feel abandoned and forgotten, without knowledge of how the war was progressing deep was their despair? How did they cling to hope? How did those returned feel when so many of their colleagues did not?

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There are so many questions.

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This group did not include Henry Robinson.

There is much that deserves to be told about what happened to the men of Gull Force on Ambon as it is not widely known, so forgive me if I re visit the story in later columns. There are thousands of equally compelling, sad stories from across our war history.

Why Henry Robinson, the other 1094 Australian men on Ambon and hundreds of thousands Nike Uptempo 97 Freshwater For Sale

It was July 28, 1945, six weeks before the end of World War II. Henry was a terrifying, painful and lonely death, sadly just like so many of his mates.

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But when Japanese ships and troops amassed there early in 1942, the Gull Force was outnumbered by a factor of over 20.

Tragically massive in any terms, the enormity of this human loss comes into focus when the individuals behind those statistics emerge. The narrative of each person, each casualty, Uptempo Nike Nyc

The enduring human toll on those who return from war and conflict zones is now well understood but was not at the time. This was made even worse for service people when their return was not celebrated, like our Vietnam War veterans.

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So, alongside appropriate commemorations of this significant centenary, the coming months should become a time for honest, deep reflection about the nature of war and of conflict.

Fourth of 11 children of a Melton farming family, Henry Robinson was single and enlisted voluntarily at the relatively old age of 35. Henry was assigned to the 2/21st Battalion, later to become known as Force 1396 strong cohort was sent to Darwin for further training, supposedly for desert warfare in Egypt. However, the men of Gull Force were instead sent in December 1941 to the tropics to Ambon, a small but strategically located Indonesian island.

Dwight Eisenhower, the five star general and former US President reflected on war this way: hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.

Many articles and essays will be written, books published, and documentaries and movies produced chronicling Australia involvement in international wars since 1914.

Already weakened by beri beri but still required on a work party, Henry received a severe bashing by Japanese guards when he attempted to assist a fellow POW who was being beaten.

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