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It can be fun.

No bullet hole in his jacket. No hole in his pants. No hole in the seat or bodywork of the car he was travelling in. No corresponding hole in the car Kennedy was travelling in. Again, the lack of evidence is used to prove the idea of a conspiracy.

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And, as our perceptions are shaped by our individual beliefs and biases, there is little surprise that conspiracy theories abound on all manner of subjects.

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Nike More Uptempo Shoes

Nike More Uptempo Shoes

If the butler wasn't there to do it, who's the next obvious choice? Nike Air More Uptempo White Red


The sense of "discovery"; empowering.

The driver. This theory is based on one or two grainy frames from film footage of the moment Kennedy was shot. From it, a richly detailed conspiracy has grown.

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Nike More Uptempo Shoes

While this is one of the more ridiculous of the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, it doesn't make it less prone to the usual trite argument rolled out in its support: The lack of evidence is evidence in itself that there is a conspiracy, right?

The stories can be intriguing.

Apparently Jackie was able to conceal the gun among a 'lamb chop' puppet and a bundle of flowers. How she managed to stash the evidence afterwards tends to be overlooked.


Jilted wife? Deep undercover secret assassin? Blackmailed bimbo? All three have been put forward as motives as to why it was the President's wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, who shot him that day.

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The fact that no other film footage or still photographs of the moments surrounding the shooting show the driver doing anything other than holding the wheel and looking at the road and mirrors is once again definitive proof that the evidence has been tampered with. Right?

The idea that the apparent flash could be the bright sun glinting off the agent's hair is a boring, but most likely, explanation.

Killing Kenny er Kennedy was all just a horrible mistake. The diligent, innocent cop who accidentally discharged his firearm would therefore deserve a massive task to doctor evidence and Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Low

A sea of conspiracy theories surround the assassination of John F

intimidate witnesses in order to protect his career. Right?

He achieved this Nike Air More Uptempo Chicago Bulls

While the motives at a stretch may vaguely seem possible (but not plausible), why would she choose to kill her husband there, and then, in an open limousine in front Nike More Uptempo Shoes of so many onlookers and cameras?

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The sense of the "hunt"; exhilarating.

Let's check the assassin's guidebook: Witnesses? Fail. Easy escape route? Fail. Opportunity to hide evidence? Fail. Easiest, least complicated opportunity? Fail.

This story may appear to have a shred of credence because of one of its sources a ballistics expert hired to help re create the circumstances of the shooting for the official investigation. It was settled under undisclosed terms.

With the massive conspiracy needed to conceal so much evidence after a shooting in a public place, you'd think they'd put some effort into the actual shooting itself, right?


The driver who must have been in cahoots with the Secret Service agent sitting in the passenger seat whips a gun back over his shoulder to shoot JFK in the head at point blank range. He then quickly slips it out of view. Two or three film frames quickly.

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Nike More Uptempo Shoes

without anybody noticing at the time. Nobody, unless you spend a lot of time staring at the blurry cloud of pixels in one or two particular frames. If you are looking for a gun, you'll probably find one.

Perhaps he was just toying with his gun when the car hit a bump. Perhaps he was just lucky he didn't shoot himself in the foot. Whatever the case, notaries as high as Robert Kennedy himself are supposed to have intervened on his behalf.

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