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Of the 780 who advanced, just 110 survived. And only 68 were fit to stand for roll call the following morning. Brothers, cousins, fathers and sons, lifelong friends all died with minutes of one another.

(Of course, Newfoundland wasn part of Canada at the time; it was a separate dominion. But the battlefield is now one of just two Canadian historic sites that are outside of Canada, the other being Vimy Ridge.)

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A Canadian general, Sir Arthur Currie, helped break the stalemate along the Western Front at Vimy in 1917 by devising new tactics that coordinated artillery fire with infantry advances and better informed enlisted men of the battle plans.

Shelling from cannons the size of trees Nike Uptempo Nyc On Feet

It has often been said the First World War was fought with modern weapons, but old fashioned tactics. A generation of young men from European countries and their overseas colonies (such as Canada) were sacrificed to mechanized warfare by generals still mentally mired in the 19th or even 18th century.

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A nation forged on bloody battlefields

There are few better examples of this than the battlefield at Beaumont Hamel, along the northeastern end of Nike Air More Uptempo 2016 Red And White

Canada had more soldiers killed from 1914 1918 than it did during the Second World War 66,000 vs. 44,000. And we were Nike Nyc Uptempo a much smaller country at the time.

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and larger could be heard in Paris and London, but the hellish trench warfare and futile over the top infantry charges were largely confined to a small rural area.

Particularly for the first three years of the war, casualties were so high because generals on both sides failed to grasp how their new weapons machine guns, mortars, hand grenades, long range artillery, aircraft had changed war making.

21 years after the first one ended) was that fighting was mostly concentrated in northern France and southern Belgium along a battle line a little more than 100 km long that only moved forward and back 20 to 30 km in either direction for nearly four agonizing years.

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For the next two years, the lines at Beaumont Hamel barely moved as the two armies stared one another down.

So destructive and so sustained was the fighting in this relatively small region that by the end of the war whole towns had been obliterated. Only kindling and moonscapes remained where once cathedrals, shops and homes had stood. Even pavement and cobblestones had been pounded into dust.

Crosses are seen at the cemetery outside the WWI Douaumont ossuary near Verdun, northeastern France, in this March 30, 2014 file picture. The cemetery is the largest single French military cemetery of the World War One with more than 16,142 graves. But remnants of the war unexploded ordnance still pose a threat 100 years on. The 10 month Battle of Verdun ranks among the bloodiest encounters in the Great War, its unrelenting hailstorm of ammunition having killed hundreds of thousands French and German soldiers from February to December 1916. Picture taken March 30, 2014. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/Files

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But it was here on July 1, 1916 that the Newfoundland Regiment suffered utter devastation on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Another difference with the Second World War (beginning just Nike Air More Uptempo 2016 Price

In one of the first attacks of the Somme campaign, the Newfoundlanders advanced past the British lines and right into the mouth of the German positions. In less than half an hour of withering machinegun and artillery fire, all of the regiment 22 officers and most of its enlisted men were killed.

the Western Front.

There was nothing glamorous about the First World War, but it helped forge Canada as an independent nation.

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In 1914 when the war broke out, we had a population of just 7.4 million. Nevertheless, we sent more than 600,000 troops overseas. Roughly 10% of them nearly 1% of our entire national population didn return.

It a relatively tiny space, just 74 acres the size of a decent vegetable farm or neighbourhood park.

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By comparison, Canada had 11.5 million people when the Second World War began in 1939 and nearly a million in uniform in 1945 when Germany and Japan surrendered.

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