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Now she's on a mission to save more.

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Nike Uptempo Air Money

"Whatever can be done to keep the same thing from happening to them," Joyce says. "And to keep all these other parents from having to feel what we feel."

So, many of the seniors spent their weekend nights this year having fun alcohol free.

Lou Raguse: "Did you ever let him?"

In the fall, she visited their Nike Air Uptempo Red And White Release Date

Little did she know that, following his graduation, at an all night drinking party, Michael would get into his car and drive drunk, never to make it home.

class. Joyce isn't rich, but she offered every kid who goes the whole school year without drinking a $100 reward.

A Mother's Wish Granted

Nike Uptempo Air Money

Nike Uptempo Air Money

Terami: "No! They didn't fit him. He tried, but they didn't fit him."

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Joyce is using her son Michael's memory to prevent teens from drinking. Her first challenge was this year's White River senior class. And her passion has made a differences in the choices they make.

"Maybe it is kind of a bribe," she says. "But you know what? I wish we could have bribed Michael. I don't care what he would have wanted."

"It's just not about the money," says senior Jessica Ludvik. "It's about what she's trying to do for our community."

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Nike Uptempo Air Money

"He's the one that told me to keep pushing myself," he says.

One year ago on this very weekend, her son Michael took his last eight second ride in his home arena.

When her son died in a drunk driving accident last year, Joyce Glynn of White River donated his organs, saving lives.

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"You look fine!" Joyce tells her.

You might consider Joyce's offer a bribe. She says you can call it whatever you want.

"Ewwwwww!" Larson screams as the mud flies up from the rodeo arena.

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"I had no desire to go to parties anymore," Larson says. "Or drink. It just wasn't important to me."

"We want you to always remember when you see the bull rider, that lives were forever changed," a Nike Uptempo Air Money parent told the Glynns.

"We had graduation coming up the next weekend. And I thought, you know, I've got all summer. We'll be following him to rodeos every weekend," Joyce says. "And little did I know."

She hoped memories of Michael would play a part in their decisions. Track star Bradley Roan Eagle considered him a personal role model.

"He'd always want to wear my lime green cowboy boots to bullride in."

to spark a change in the community's attitude on teen drinking.

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All year long, Joyce and these kids have leaned on each other. None of them Nike Air Max Sq Uptempo Zoom

And at the end of this year's spring rodeo, the class presented Joyce's family with this memorial. To let them know:

Joyce knows nothing she does can bring back her oldest son. But she saw an opportunity with these 22 seniors Nike Air Uptempo Sensation

will forget how Michael lived. Many of them are now changed by how he died.

Locker buddy Terami Hill remembers Michael as a cowboy with a sense of humor.

A return to the White River rodeo isn't easy for Joyce Glynn.

"I know that when I see people drink, it bothers me," says Michael's friend Ashley Bouman. "It really affects me thinking people will still go out and drink and drive."

Yes, Joyce returns to the White River rodeo arena with a heavy heart. But she does so with a support group this year's senior class a group of kids who were close to Michael, including his most special friend, Angie Larson. Michael dated the girl who went to every rodeo, but was more following fashion than getting muddy.

"This arena was the last time I saw him ride," Joyce says.

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