Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

living person with Tay Sachs disease, which attaches fat cells to nerve endings in the brain, nearly shutting down the body.

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

It wasn't long ago that the lot the new home sits on was nothing more than a mud pit. But now it more than just a home for Crystal England and her husband, John.


Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

The lift the Englands had to carry Seth wouldn't fit in their old bathroom. A remodel of that would have meant a remodel of their entire old home. So a new home was the final plan.

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Countryside Church will finish the Nike Air Uptempo Teal

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

The open floor plan lets them see Seth from almost anywhere in the house. The tub is built so the lift will slide right under it. The hot tub they use for therapy will sit on a special platform, again made specifically for the lift, and Seth. And now that the Endlands are here, thank you doesn match their appreciation.

A New Home Making All The Difference

"Everyone was here helping move, just kinda grabbed everything and out the door we went all at once," Crystal said.

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

"We have to carry the stroller down the stairs Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum in the old house and it, that kinda really when it hit me Nike Air Max Uptempo 97

that, you know, I really got excited then because that the last time we'll ever have carry him," Crystal said.

"It just shows the value of one life. How hundreds of people can come together to help one single person," Crystal said.

At nine years old, Seth England is the oldest known Nike Uptempo Bulls On Feet

landscaping and exterior of the home in upcoming months. They are now in dire need of nurses to help care for Seth. Groups are also still to finish the fundraising drive for the new home.

Most children diagnosed with Tay Sachs don't live much past four years old; Seth is now nine. With no motor functions, his parents have to carry him wherever he goes.

It was built with their son, Seth, specifically in mind. They made the move from two doors down last Wednesday.

"Just putting him in the lift and then we can roll the lift wherever we want him to go, whether it's in the tub or outside on the porch or out to the car," Crystal said.

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

Nike Uptempo Blue And Gum

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