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Also giving blood at the stadium was Jo Shubrook, 42, of Dalkeith Avenue, Alvaston watched by her son, Jack, 13.

And Jack said: "It is something I'm interested in doing one day too."

She said: "I used to work at the University of Derby and sessions would be held there, so it was really easy to go.

"I'm giving blood for the 47th time and I started because my wife, Sandra, was doing it when I first met her. I thought: 'If she can do it, then so can I!'"

They are invited to sit up and, after a couple of minutes, sent over to get their Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay well earned drink and biscuit.

This blood can obviously save the lives of people who have been in an accident, or after treatments and operations, and frequently does.

donate because I know how important it is.

At the stadium, participants were directed to the club's Toyota Suite and spent two minutes filling in a questionnaire to confirm they were eligible to give blood.

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After inserting the needle in their arms, which the donors said they could barely feel, participants simply sit or lie back on the table or chair for 10 to 15 minutes, as the blood is collected.

But, when donors do go, they said a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff were always there to greet them.

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The whole process usually takes about an hour and in the case of the Pride Park Stadium donors they got a great view of the pitch while donating.

Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay

She said: "There have been a few breaks but not many because I always feel guilty when I don't come.

Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay

said: "I'd just left university and seen an advert about becoming a donor and I thought: 'Yes, this is something I want to do and it's the right time to do it,' so I went to a session.

But it can also be used in transfusions to help people's quality of life improve during their final months, weeks or even days. And some blood is also used by laboratories to develop stronger antibodies against diseases.

"But it's always been fine when I've gone. I remember one time blood accidentally dripping on my coat because I'd not pressed the pad hard enough and they actually paid for my dry cleaning.

For Amanda Parker, 27, of South Avenue, Spondon, it was her 12th time giving blood in four years.

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Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay

"If nothing else, you never know when you or your family may need blood now or in the future so it's like doing your bit in advance."

And, over the coming months, we will encourage readers to save the lives of others in different ways, from giving blood to learning how to perform life saving first aid. NHS Blood and Transplant says that millions of people match the criteria for first time donors yet 96% of the population rely on the other 4% to actually do the donating.

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Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay

Nike Uptempo Olympic Ebay

"And, while I no longer work there now, I still go out of my way to Nike Air More Uptempo Release Dates 2017

Donors Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Amazon

A mate's dare started Steve on the road to giving blood

then return to their seats to await the second stage of the session giving blood itself.

"It was mortifying but that's about as dramatic as it's ever been."

"It was fine then and it's been fine ever since. I've never had any problems. It's always seemed like a nice thing to do and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon."

There were feelings of apprehension for Helen Plowman, 49, of Lantern Grove, Mickleover, when she first gave blood but they were quickly overcome as, 25 years on, she still gives blood.

And Peter James, 70, Croft Lane, Breadsall, said: "There's not a lot you can give in life but blood is certainly one thing. On top of that, it's painless and it helps people.

They then sat and waited for the first part of the process, where staff take a tiny drop of blood from the finger to make sure donating would not make the person anaemic. This is a condition where there is less iron in your blood.

Sarah Edge, of donor relations for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "Every day, ordinary people make the important decision to give blood for the first time and then decide to come back again because they find it so important.

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