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Deputy coroner Louise Pinder recorded a verdict of death as a result of industrial disease.

John Shardlow said it was only after his brother was diagnosed with scarring of the lung tissue in 2009 that he told his family about his deteriorating health.

The Health Protection Agency said that while undisturbed asbestos based walls and ceilings pose little concern, once the material is disturbed it could pose a health risk.

Dr Gurprit Atwal, consultant histopathologist at Royal Derby Hospital, carried out a post mortem examination on Mr Shardlow's body.

And homeowners planning work on textured ceilings or walls in their own properties were urged to seek expert advice first if the decoration dated back from before the mid 1980s.

would go back the following day and smooth it down and get totally covered in dust," he said.

"There was also evidence of bronchial pneumonia, which is a severe chest infection, and one single asbestos body was also found."

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"There was a single pleural plaque in the lining of the chest wall, which is usually an indicator of exposure to asbestos," he said.

Mr Shardlow was admitted to hospital in August 11 last year and died the following month.

A spokesperson from the HPA said: "Most asbestos products pose little risk if they are intact.

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"One night he told me that he had a breathing problem and said he was told that they could not do anything for him. He was a bachelor and a private person and I think he had been told two years before," he said.

He told the inquest that Mr Shardlow had died of bronchial pneumonia brought about by asbestosis a lung condition caused by exposure to asbestos.

"If people are exposed, there is a risk that it could develop into an asbestos related disease.

The HSE website provides task sheets for the removal and handling of asbestos and recommends that if the job is on Nike Uptempo Infrared Release Date

CARE should be taken when disturbing materials in the home that could contain asbestos.

But the Health and Safety Executive said that householders doing small one off jobs are at a lower risk than workers who regularly handle materials like old textured ceilings, asbestos based insulation and lagging.

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known to contain asbestos up to the mid 1980s.

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A spokesperson from the executive said: "The risk to health posed by a one off small job in a domestic setting is extremely low."

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After the inquest, the Painting and Decorating Association spelled out the extent of the health problems caused by asbestos to workers in its sector.

And Joanne Gordon, co ordinator at the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team, warned that asbestos may still be present in homes with old textured walls and ceilings.

Mr Shardlow's brother, John, said it was believed that Edwin was exposed to asbestos while creating textured ceilings during his work with the decorating company.

Derby and South Derbyshire Coroner's Court heard how Mr Shardlow, 68, of Trowels Lane, Derby, was employed from 1959 to 1980 at a decorating firm and then worked for around 30 years as a painter for the NHS.

"Asbestos is the industry's hidden killer. Each week approximately 20 tradespeople die from asbestos related diseases," said chief executive Neil Ogilvie.

"However, if asbestos containing products are damaged in some way, fibres may be released into the air and may be breathed in."

"They put it on one day, then Nike Uptempo New

"People need to be aware that asbestos in textured ceilings can still be found in their homes and buildings. They should be careful when rubbing down or wanting to alter these ceilings particularly if they do not know when it was put up," she said.


a larger scale Nike Uptempo Reddit and there is a higher risk of encountering asbestos based materials then a licensed contractor should be called in.

The inquest heard that some of the materials used to create decorative surface coatings on ceilings and walls were Nike Air Max Uptempo 95

"If they are worried that their buildings, ceilings or walls contain asbestos, they need to get an assessment made by a licensed asbestos remover."

"They didn't wear protective clothing. He was not exposed every day but fairly regularly."

a painter and decorator from Derby died from breathing in asbestos while working on textured ceilings

"Within the lungs there was severe scarring of the tissue.

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