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Perrier, who now lives in south Minneapolis, was 6 years old when his father was commended for his rescue efforts in yet another 1956 crash. This one occurred in September, in a swamp near Mother's Lake just northeast of the airport.

The traveling exhibit is at the museum through April 7 and documents some of the state's most infamous disasters, such as the Interstate 35W bridge collapse and the state's biggest snowstorms and tornados.

rest of the plane, as documented in a letter of commendation from the Marine Reserve Training Detachment.

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"They must have been going camping because there was camping gear all over the place," he reasoned, recalling a hatchet lodged in the plane's tail. And he saw the bodies.

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Wickett's father and grandfather were heading for a day out on the Mississippi River when they saw the smoke coming from a neighborhood north of the airport, near what is now Veterans Hospital. He made sure the film wasn't confiscated. "He Nike Uptempo Reflective Green threw the camera at my dad and told him to lock himself in the car," Wickett said. "Apparently, that's the only film footage known to exist of the crash."

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Local flavor has also been included in the exhibit, with an emphasis on the airborne disasters that are no stranger to some Richfield residents years ago.

When they saw the smoke ring in the sky, firefighters at the Penn Avenue station prepared for trouble.

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"It looked like a meat shop in the car," he said. He remembers picking up and bagging the body parts of the pilot, the only fatality in the crash.

A Richfield history

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"They weren't in their seats," Iverson said. "They were all in the back huddled together."

In 1956, when the military was especially active at the airport and jet technology was still relatively new, airport neighbors were getting used to objects falling from the sky.

The event, which Iverson, 87, remembers from 1966, is part of a Richfield history that includes its share of action from the nearby airport. Throughout his fire fighting career, Iverson saved newspaper clippings and photos of the carnage he witnessed.

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Perrier's mother was folding clothes in the family's living room, which sat in what used to be New Ford Town, east of Cedar Avenue. She saw the jet coming in low, and "yelled at Dad, 'That plane's not going to make it,'" Perrier recalls.

Kevin Perrier stands on the west side of Cedar Avenue, near the site where a Navy jet crash landed at Mother Lake, near his boyhood home. (Sun staff photo by Andrew Wig)

"I got the stories straight from his mouth," he said.

"There was uproar in Minneapolis and Richfield over these guys flying," said Kevin Perrier, who grew up next to the airport Nike Uptempo 96 Obsidian

The plane went down on the freeway, at Interstate 35W and 64th Street, said Iverson, who was on the scene. The small airplane had plowed into two vehicles, with the pilot flying through the windshield of the aircraft and through a car windshield, Iverson recalls.

Richfield resident Jon Wickett has what he believes may very well be the only footage of the aftermath of a crash that occurred in June of that year. Navy fighter jet crash killed the pilot and six people on the ground, including four children.

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"They heard his yell from Cedar Avenue," said the junior Perrier, whose father died in 2006. "Dad says, 'Jeez, how could you not go in there when this guy is yelling for help?'"

The tragedy prompted public outcry, especially since the crash came just days after another plane went down on "the beltway" later to become Interstate 494 that bordered Richfield. The crash killed the pilot and two people riding in a vehicle.

Some of his collection became part of a new exhibit at the Richfield Historical Society called "Minnesota Disasters." Nike Air Uptempo Red White Release Date

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"I took off down there and tried to make my way right to the plane," he said. "Then I went a different way in there and they caught me again," Perrier said.

When the plane didn't make it, James Perrier took action.

Again, Iverson was on the scene.

The pilot had an injured back but was not critically hurt. Later on that day, the 6 year old Perrier did his own investigating.

Wickett remembers watching the film while his grandfather would recount the event.

The last air disaster that Iverson recalls came in May 1973, when five people died in another neighborhood crash, on the 6600 block of 18th Avenue in Richfield. This time, a light civilian twin engine aircraft plunged into the ground, just missing the nearby houses and sparing the lives of the homes' occupants. A newspaper photo of the scene shows the wreckage, sitting in a backyard just feet from a rambler.

"He was making a circle and they knew he had a problem because he was trailing smoke," recalls Marv Iverson, who retired about 10 years ago as Richfield's fire captain. "They just stood by because they knew they were going to get a phone call on this one."

"He said, 'Well, they always make it.'"

The film documents the charred aftermath. Houses were smoking and people were milling about the kind of debris laden scene that results from the jet plowing through a residential neighborhood.

in New Ford Town, a neighborhood that was eventually leveled to make way for an expanding airport.

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James Perrier was commended for approaching the downed jet, a Navy Panther that other bystanders believed might blow any minute. He kept the pilot, the plane's only occupant, comfortable as the airman remained strapped upside down into a cockpit that had been severed from the Nike Uptempo On Sale

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