Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Academy of Holy Angels student makes studying

said they allow her to feel comfortable asking questions. And "Ms. Rehfuss, my bio teacher, she actually interacts with students and is really nice."


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Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Before they spread out, they will walk June 3 on the Holy Angels lawn, greeted by diplomas and handshakes.

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Her mother refutes this claim. "We trust the kids. Egyptian people trust all the kids."

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

bringing Stephanie up along the straight and narrow. The father's side of the family is full of doctors and engineers, Manal Botros said.

Effective studying means Botros gets to walk proudly graduation day, a day she looks to with mixed emotions.

Picking out an outfit every morning would distract from Botros' main task: studying. In this, she is not unlike many of her classmates at the Catholic school in Richfield, where about 95 percent of students go on to attend two or four year colleges.

add her own name to those ranks, attending Minnesota State University Mankato this fall in pursuit of becoming a pediatrician. But Botros said college makes her parents nervous.

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

"I'm excited, but in a way I'm really sad, because I'm probably not going to see my friends again."

Botros is the product of Blessed Trinity Catholic school, kindergarten through eighth grade, and Holy Angels, but is also a product of Egyptian parents who have kept her on task all these years.

She offers another piece of advice, one that some may not have ever considered. "I put my phone far away from me. So if I don't hear it, that's too bad for the people who texted me," Botros said.

If she didn't trust her daughter, perhaps she need only contact Holy Angels Principal Heidi Foley, who knows Botros from all the time she spends near her office.

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

She's learned some study tricks along the way. One piece of advice she offers to study in a quiet place is common sense, but a quite uncommon practice in a world of constant digital bombardment.

For the Richfield resident and soon to be Holy Angels graduate, it helps keep things simple, just how she likes it.

"My parents don't trust me at Mankato," she said, adding that they prefer she get a single room so she can study undistracted.

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Keeping the books cracked throughout her schooling has yielded a solid GPA for Botros, but it wasn't always this way.

Stephanie Botros doesn't mind the uniform of the white polo shirt and navy blue skirt she and her classmates at Academy of Holy Angels have to wear to school everyday.

She does, however, manage to study as hard as she does with a Facebook window constantly open on her laptop.

"People are really nice here. Teachers, they actually care. I think they do," Botros declared.

"I actually like (the rule), because you don't have to wear different clothes every day," she said.

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

There, Foley said, Botros "studies on the floor during fifth hour lunch."

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

"I always studied a lot in middle school but did bad on tests. I still study a lot now, but it just clicks for me."

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Stephanie Botros stands outside Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield. The Richfield resident has been cited as a model student and exemplar representative of Holy Angels. (Photo by Andrew Wig Sun Newspapers)

"I did improve a lot from middle school to high school," she noted.

She made them Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016 over the course of an entire academic career passing through the Blessed Trinity and Holy Angels system, one she says has treated her well.

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

Manal Botros, Stephanie's mother, credited her husband, Michael Botros and his high standards in Nike Air More Uptempo Online Shopping

Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2016

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