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"We are confident that will we see a similar amendment on the senate side," Swindell said.

next week. A spokesman for Senator Crapo commented on the heated issue.

Abortion issue could kill health care bill

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Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

BOISE Protesters on both sides of the abortion debate took to capitol hill over the weekend as congress Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale passed sweeping health care reform through the House of Representatives. The bill now heads to the Senate where most Democrats hope it will pass. However, one provision, the Stupak amendment is causing big headaches for supporters of the legislation who fear this issue could derail reform efforts.

Some liberal senators say they will not vote for the bill if a provision like Stupak makes it in while conservative democrats strongly support the amendment. Locally while Congressman Walt Minnick voted the health care bill down, he also didn't support the Stupak amendment because he agrees it goes too far in limiting insurance options.

"This really isn't about federal funding for abortion," she said. "This is really nothing more than a hijack of heath care reform to strip away a woman's access to abortion coverage in reproductive health care."

"We are confident that we are going to see a similar amendment on the senate Nike More Uptempo Release Dates 2017

Many pro life supporters fear without Stupak, some federal money might end up reimbursing insurance providers for abortion. However pro choice advocates say that just wouldn't happen because even if an insurance company participates in the government exchange, the insured would still pay their own premiums not the government.

"It could be very detrimental to a woman's health, her life and the basic care that they need," said Poedy.

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

They argue any abortion even those arising from complications with a pregnancy would not be covered and women would be forced to paying out of pocket expenses.

The amendment prohibits any insurance company that chooses to participate in the newly created health care exchange program from offering an abortion option. This new provision goes further than the Hyde Amendment passed 1967 which prohibits federal money from going to fund abortion.

Both sides are waiting anxiously for the final senate version of the bill.

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In the senate, a final version of the bill isn't drafted yet, but is expected out sometime Nike Air More Uptempo Black/White/Black

"It's bound to come up and this health care bill is going to be very contentious," said Lindsay Nothern.

Rebecca Poedy is with Planned Parenthood in Boise.

side and that there will not be tax payer funded abortions in the national health care plan," she said.

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

But pro choice advocates say the impact a provision like Stupak would have would be grave. Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Uptempo Shoes For Sale

However pro life advocates like Brandi Swindell, who founded Generation Life, fear that without some type of provision like Stupak in the final bill, tax payer money would go to fund abortions.

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