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After the shooting, Harrell said she drove off because she was trying to drive to the hospital to get treatment for her injuries. She said she was planning to call police.

Harrell said that Bagley was not telling the truth and was standing too far away to see or hear anything. During the hearing, Bagley testified that he was standing between 25 and 30 feet from the women.

"I was not the aggressor in this situation Sakinah was. They should have never let her out of jail. She was a menace to society," Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

"She started attacking me," Harrell said. "She was beating me in the head with her shoe I'm standing up by my door just trying to get away from her. I'm confused. I'm just trying to get away."

Her story The night of a concert by rapper Yo Gotti was only her third time at The Alley. A friend was supposed to go to the concert with Harrell but later declined, so Harrell decided to go by herself she didn't want to waste Nike Air Uptempo 97 Freshwater

"It didn't even look real," she said. "I was going to give it to police."

Next he said he heard Breathwaite and Harrell, who was walking nearby, arguing. Bagley testified he couldn't hear what they were arguing about, but that they were both cursing. Eventually, the women were standing on opposite sides of a black Audi that was in the parking lot. The argument continued, Bagley testified.

Yo Gotti never showed up.

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"It's OK. It's OK," Harrell said.

Bagley testified he heard Harrell say, "I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna shoot you."

said Harrell, referencing a hit and run charge that Breathwaite was convicted of earlier this year.

Eyewitness During a preliminary hearing this week, Ezel Bagley testified that he was standing outside the nightclub when he saw Breathwaite walk out with a group of people. He said he saw Breathwaite fall to the ground briefly, and someone she was walking with told her to "get up, you're embarrassing me."

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Police say Harrell got in her car and fled the Newmarket Center Shopping Center, with witnesses giving police a description of the car and its license plate number.

"I was nowhere near her when the gun went off," she said. "It was an accident when it went off. She was nowhere near me."

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"She [Harrell] had her gun pointed at the victim, then I heard a shot fired, and the victim fell to the ground," said Bagley, who testified Harrell was pointing the gun over the roof of the car at Breathwaite. "She got into the car and drove off."

Harrell said Breathwaite was hitting her with a five inch heel. At some point, Breathwaite stopped attacking her, Harrell said, declining to give details about what caused her to stop.

and Breathwaite were strangers and had not come into contact inside the club, so Harrell said that she continued to walk to her car.

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In a jailhouse interview Thursday, Harrell said the shooting was an accident that occurred after Breathwaite attacked her.

Harrell said that Breathwaite was with some men in a parking spot nearby, but the two never spoke.

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When Harrell opened her car door, she noticed a gun that she had found earlier. Harrell said she forgot the gun was in her car. Earlier that day, Harrell was dropping a co worker off at Stuart Gardens apartments in south Newport News when she saw the gun sitting beside a dumpster.

Before leaving the club, Harrell had Nike Zoom Uptempo V White agreed to give a woman she had never met a ride home, she said. As Harrell and the woman walked outside, she saw Breathwaite "trip and fall down." Harrell Nike Air Total Max Uptempo White Blue

Accused killer says gun accidentally went off before Hampton shooting

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During the hourlong interview at Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Harrell declined to say what happened prior to the gun being fired, saying that she plans to testify when her case goes to trial.

her $50 VIP ticket, she said.

"I don't want to say what happened next," she said repeatedly.

Harrell says she said nothing to Breathwaite.

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All of Breathwaite's jail time was suspended for that offense, according to court documents.

She eventually told him she was charged with murder.

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Harrell, 21, of Newport News, is charged with shooting Sakinah Breathwaite to death in the parking lot of The Alley Aug. 23. Breathwaite, of Chesapeake, died at the scene. She was 29.

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