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follows the usual pattern there will not be a competent government Project Management team employed to hold contactors to promised deadlines and costs and impose penalties if not, as any other business would.

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I always thought that it was a given that a government contract always takes twice as long as promised and costs twice as much as we were first told.

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The report suggested that the government's billion estimate would spiral because of a variety of factors, including changes to routes and extra tunneling.

But the way in which the billion figure has been arrived at can be summarised very easily: the cost of the HS2 "Y Network" is increased to billion (no citation is given), and then has, for starters, the whole cost of Crossrail 2 added to it. The only difference between the TPA and IEA is that the latter have taken the TPA number ( billion) and doubled it, to make it twice as scary.

Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale

Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale

Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale

I wonder if any members of this 'millionaires' government that we have, have a financial interest in the construction companies that will be employed in this contract?

i hope voters take note when there are more cuts in the nhs defence police etc. this money needs to be spent now on getting people into work and sorting out our energy requirements. its going to take over twenty years for the line to be finished by then at the rate super fast broadband and conference call s are going people wont need to travel as now. stop now full stop

That is plainly fraudulent, and twice over, but, as the man said, there's more. A spur from HS2 to Liverpool is added in (not Nike Air Max Uptempo Fuse 360 Review

part of the project) because it is held that more of those vested interests will successfully lobby for it. That the city will see journey times to London cut to little over one and a half hours under the current proposals is not mentioned.

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And buried in the nutty right wing IEA report, there is the telling admission that HS2 should be scrapped and the money spent on tax cuts, presumably for the wealthy. They are against us having a modern high capacity high speed network, and would rather us have a clapped out Victorian system with lines to our major cities clogged up 20 years from now, in return for tax cuts.

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Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale

to get to the billion figure: as I expected, all the cost of extending the Nottingham tram system to Toton figures, as does a tram extension west to Derby, the business case of which would stand on its own, thanks. Railway electrification in West Yorkshire already planned is similarly held to be part of the HS2 cost. And the benefits are talked down to a mere billion.

Why is this a surprise or shock?

a report by the Institute for Economic Affairs has found

Other rises in costs will be down to new stations and transport infrastructure around the proposed line, grants for regeneration to provide shops and amenities and compensation for towns and cities bypassed by the new line.

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Thus a kind of loosely defined but omnipresent conspiracy of those nudge nudge inducing "vested interests" subjugated the will of The Market, which as any fule kno has all the answers, if only it can be left alone to sort them out, aided no doubt by Adam Smith's "guiding hand", Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale demonstrating how what Smith meant, and the meaning placed on his words by free marketeers, can be so divergent.

The line, which was announced by West Derbyshire MP and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, is due to pass through Toton, where a station serving Nottingham and Derby is to be built.

Contractors love government contracts because they know that they can stretch them out to make twice as much profit than any other contract. If the HS2 contract Nike Air More Uptempo Retail Price

Scottie Pippen Nike Air Uptempo For Sale

More transport schemes are added Nike Air Total Max Uptempo Mens Shoes Black Green

In my opinion HS2 is a total waste of vast sums of public money which would be better used to improve the transport infrastructure elsewhere.

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